Earth Collar

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The “Earth” collar is designed in hues of beautiful tans, browns, blacks, and white beaded on leather, giving them a lasting impression.


Not only are these collars beautiful works of art but they help the Mama's from the Massai tribe gain independence for a better future.   These collars generates income for over 200 Mama's and their familes who otherwise might earn as little as $500 a year.

Customers tell us these are the highest quality and most unique beaded collars they have ever seen!

The beading is done by Maasai "mamas" working in their village and it normally takes them 1-2 days to complete one collar.

These works of art are all original, no two collars are alike. The beads are hand sewn in leather, then an overlay of leather is glued and stitched on the back. Buckles are solid, hand-cast brass. 

DEALIVERY: Since each collar is handmade  PLEASE Allow 1 to 8 weeks for delivery.


  • Handmade with beads and leather.
  • Beads are hand sewn in leather with an overlay of leather glued and stitched on the back to protect the beading and make them comfortable for the pet.
  • Hand finished with solid hand-cast buckles made from recycled brass.
  • 1-year guarantee with normal wear and tear.
  • Rinse off, lay flat and allow to dry when wet. 

IMPORTANT : MEASURE YOUR DOG’S NECK AND ORDER CLOSEST TO THAT NUMBER. For odd sizes, we suggest you round up to the next size.


Kenya Collar Size

8" neck-girth x 1/2" width
10" neck-girth x 1/2" width
10" neck-girth x 3/4" width
12" neck-girth x 1/2" width
12" neck-girth x 3/4" width
12" neck-girth x 2" width* please allow 4-6 weeks
14" neck-girth x 3/4" width
14" neck-girth x 2" width
16" neck-girth x 1" width
16" neck-girth x 2" width
18" neck-girth x 1" width
18" neck-girth x 2" width
20" neck-girth x 1" width
20" neck-girth x 2" width
22" neck-girth x 1" width
22" neck-girth x 2" width
24" neck-girth x 1" width